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9 Unexpected Give Kids The World Experiences

For critically ill children and their families, life can be filled with the unexpected challenges. But at Give Kids The World Village, “the unexpected” becomes delightful, with happy surprises around every corner.

Check out the fun extras wish families can experience during their week at the Village:

1.Being greeted at the airport

As soon as wish families get off the plane, they’re greeted by a Give Kids The World staff member or volunteer! They help families find their luggage and carry it to the rental car facility. All while giving families lots of information to make their trip as smooth as possible.

2. The feeling of finding their child’s star

When families visit the Castle of Miracles they gaze in awe at the gold wish stars filling the Castle’s sky. It’s a truly moving experience knowing their child’s star is placed among thousands of others – each representing a child who’s stayed at the Village.

3. Tuck-ins with Mayor and Merry

Where else in the world can you get tucked into bed by a 6-foot tall rabbit? Families can end their exciting day with some hugs and bed-time stories with the Village’s favorite bunnies.

4. LOTS of gifts

Imagine being a kid who has just spent the day at some of the world’s greatest theme parks. You return to your villa to find awesome games and toys waiting for you. Does it really get any better than that? Wish children and their siblings receive so many gifts that we encourage wish families to travel with an extra duffle bag to take them all home!

5. Pool wheelchairs

At the Park of Dreams, guests of all abilities can enjoy a dip in the pool. Our water-friendly wheelchairs are designed to roll right into the zero-entry pool and through our Splash Garden. So wish kids, siblings, and parents can splash and play together.

6. Cooling off inside some-bunnies bungalow

Mayor Clayton and Ms. Merry’s cozy home in the Garden of Hope is surprisingly spacious! Their little yellow house is decorated and air-conditioned, so families can step inside to take a break from the heat, and imagine what life is like for these Village bunnies.

7. Roaring dinosaurs

At Marc’s DinoPutt, families can play a round of mini golf among caves, waterfalls, and all kinds of dinosaurs. These dinosaurs aren’t your average reptiles though, some are trained to react with a loud roar when visitors sink a great putt!

8. Families don’t have to lift a finger

One week. No cooking, no cleaning. Just fun, laughter, and time together. Wish families can kick back, relax, and let Give Kids The World handle it all. Volunteers are available to carry trays of food, answer any questions, and take families’ photos. They can even deliver breakfast, pizza, or cookies directly to villas!

9. Unicorns? Yes, unicorns.

Photo Credit: Unicorn Hugs

During Friday night Once Upon a Village parties and special occasions, the Village welcomes Spirit the therapy unicorn! Parents, grandparents, and wish kids alike are thrilled by the sight of this miniature unicorn who brings lots of smiles and excitement to the Village.


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