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Celebrating at Give Kids The World: One Alumni Family’s Story

Give Kids The World is all about celebrations. Celebrating holidays and birthdays every single week, celebrating brave wish kids, and celebrating the joys in life. For one Alumni Family, a Welcome Back Visit was the perfect way to celebrate an important medical milestone for wish kid Malik!

Malik came as a little boy in 2004, after being born with a rare genetic disorder. For his parents and family, it was a time filled with worry, treatments, and long drives to the hospital.

“Malik went through so much, mentally and physically,” said wish mom Nicole. “It was a lot on all of us.”

But, at the Village, Malik rode JJ’s Express over and over. The family explored Central Florida’s theme parks. They snuggled their Mayor Clayton plush, which they still have on their shelf at home. They ate ice cream and spent precious time together.

“It’s wonderful when you have a place you can go where you feel so at peace. We would just sit at the Village and look around not even believing it was real.”

So, after a long and difficult road which included spending Christmas in the hospital, something wonderful happened: Malik received a successful kidney transplant! Their family decided to celebrate this medical milestone in the place that brought them peace: Give Kids The World Village.

Now as a young man, Malik traveled to Florida with his family to once again ride JJ’s Express, eat ice cream, and spend time together.

“It feels so good to be back – we all feel like kids again,” said Nicole.

Malik and his family had a blast, and left the Village with brand new memories that will last them a lifetime.


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