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Making the Most of A Rainy Day at the Village

If you’re planning to visit Give Kids The World Village this summer, get ready for lots of fun – and maybe a little rain.

Afternoon showers happen almost daily in Central Florida, and while they might seem like a bummer at first, don’t let them rain on your wish trip parade! We have some tips on how to make sure Florida rain doesn’t wash away your fun:

Plan ahead

As you’re preparing for your trip, be sure to pack in anticipation of rainy weather. Remember to bring umbrellas, ponchos or rain coats, and shoes you wouldn’t mind getting wet.

Also, when you schedule your days, keep in mind the showers usually roll in around mid-afternoon. So, if there’s an outdoor activity you really want to do, try to do them early in the day.

Spend some time in Amberville

If you’re hanging out in the Village when the rain strikes, you can stay dry and have some fun in Amberville. With plenty of arcade and video games to keep you entertained, by the time you run out of things to do the rain should be long gone!

Grab a bite to eat

When the afternoon showers arrive, it’s the perfect time to get inside and get some food. Whether you just want to grab a slice of pizza, a salad or even a delicious cookie or brownie, our Gingerbread House is full of options. Or, you can hang out inside the Ice Cream Palace! Midday milkshakes anyone?

Say hello to Stellar and Buttons

When rain closes the Village’s outdoor venues, grab your wish child’s golden star and head to our Castle of Miracles. There, Stellar can place the star in a special galaxy in our Castle’s skies (when she’s cleared for flying, of course!)

Also, if you head over to our Magic Pillow Tree, you can meet our friend Buttons the White Squirrel! He’ll be sure to give your children a perfect pillow to rest their heads on.

Nighttime parties

If the rain carries on into the evening, don’t worry! There will still be lots of exciting activities to enjoy. Our outdoor parties will simply be relocated into The Hoppening Place so everyone can stay safe and dry – and still have lots of fun!

Stay up-to-date

Wondering if the pool is closed? We have an easy way to get venue updates: our Give Kids The World Village app! You can download the app from the iTunes store or Google Play store, enter “GKTW” as the hotel code and you’ll get updates on events, weather notices and other special announcements!


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