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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lori’s Magical Flight

There’s a ride at Give Kids The World Village with brightly colored butterflies soaring through the sky, carrying brave children and their families on a magical journey to see the world from new heights. Whether you’re an expert or novice at Village trivia, here are five facts about this attraction that might be things you didn’t know before (click for more)

Marc’s DinoPutt: A place where memories last forever.

Give Kids The World Village is filled with family-friendly and accessible entertainment, and one of our most popular of those offerings is Marc’s Dino Putt. Take a dive into how this course came to be, what we’re up to today, and even test your knowledge with a quick quiz. (click for more)

The Castle of Miracles: Celebrating 25 Years of Stars, Magic, and Dreams

Today we’re celebrating the anniversary of one of the most iconic and beloved venues at Give Kids The World Village: The Castle of Miracles! For 25 years, the Castle has been a place filled with enchantment and memories. It’s the place where wish kids’ stars shine bright, dream pillows come from a squirrel in a (click for more)

QUIZ: Can You Name that Village Venue?

Give Kids The World Village is filled with exciting venues for children and families to explore, relax and play. Think you know them inside and out? Take this quiz to find out!



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