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5 Tips for Experiencing Your Welcome Back Trip Like a Pro

Once you’ve visited Give Kids The World, you become part of the Village family. So, when you come back for your Welcome Back trip, we want to help you make the most of it.

Here are five tips to plan a great Welcome Back trip:

1. Find your star in the Castle of Miracles.

Take a trip down memory lane into the Castle of Miracles to find your star. Our Star Gazers will help you find it. Just make an appointment in advance so we can have Stellar polish it up for you.

2. Check out any parties you missed.

We know that your stay was probably filled to the brim with theme parks and adventures, so if you didn’t make it to one of our nightly parties – now’s your chance to see what you missed! Just check out our entertainment schedule to see which events you’d like to attend.

3. Bring your IAAPA World Passport.

Your IAAPA World Passport is good for one year after your wish trip. So, if you’re returning within that year, make sure to bring it along with you so you can schedule some time to visit Florida attractions, such as the Crayola Experience or Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex completely free.

4. Stop by your villa.

Look back on your favorite memories from your trip by visiting the villa you stayed in while you were here. It may have a new wish family staying inside, but it’ll always be your home away from home.

5. Eat all the ice cream you want!

A trip to the Village isn’t complete without ice cream! Stop by the Ice Cream Palace and get all the ice cream you can eat, just like you did on your wish trip!

We can’t wait to see you back on The Avenue. For more tips on planning your family’s Welcome Back trip, click here.


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