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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lori’s Magical Flight

There’s a ride at Give Kids The World Village with brightly colored butterflies soaring through the sky, carrying brave children and their families on a magical journey to see the world from new heights. Whether you’re an expert or novice at Village trivia, here are five facts about this attraction that might be things you didn’t know before (click for more)

Village Backgrounds for Your Next Video Call

Now, you can imagine being at Give Kids The World during your next video call with these virtual Village backgrounds. Add one or all of the below to your next Zoom or Teams call and we hope to see you at the Village again real soon. (click for more)

How-To Guide to Your Favorite Virtual Party Crafts

We’ve been busy bringing the magic of the Village to you through virtual Facebook Live parties and events. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out some of the crafts we’ve been making at our parties that you can make at home. (click for more)

How to Draw Mayor Clayton

Mayor Clayton is the six-foot-tall bunny rabbit and fearless leader of Give Kids The World. As the presiding Mayor of the Village, he holds a special place in all of our hearts. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to draw Mayor Clayton! Sketch on a blank piece of paper or print our how-to guide here. (click for more)

Happy #NationalCrayonDay

Let’s get creative and add some color to our social media feeds. Grab some crayons, paint, or crafts and create anything that makes you think of Give Kids The World. Some of our friends on Facebook got a jump start with their art earlier this week and we’re excited to share what they created with you. (click for more)

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