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5 Ways to Celebrate Founder’s Day

Happy Give Kids The World Founder’s Day! Today, in addition to celebrating 33 years of fulfilling wishes, we are remembering the man who inspired us all.

Henri Landwirth, the visionary founder of Give Kids The World, had the ability to inspire others to support this whimsical Village. He once said, “Maybe if your energy, your compassion, your desire to help the children starts the work, others will grab a shovel and help you move that mountain.”

In celebration of Henri’s legacy, here are five ways you can pick up a shovel to help.


Whether you fill one of the over 1,700 volunteer shifts per week at Give Kids The World or find an organization in your local community, giving your time is a valuable way to support a charitable cause.

2.Inspire Happiness

At Give Kids The World we work to give our families the perfect week filled with incredible moments and happy memories. Every day you have the chance to create that same kind of happiness for those around you. Random acts of kindness, greeting everyone with a smile, and showing empathy for others… these can mean the world to someone.


Each family the Village hosts – more than 8,000 last year – is treated to a dream vacation worth more than $6,000. Click here to help fulfill a wish today.

4.Support our Partners

We have many incredible partners who support the mission of Give Kids The World. From Perkins and Boston Market to Hasbro, Mears Transportation Group and Alex and Ani, you’ll find brands everywhere who help make dreams come true. By supporting them, you’re supporting us too.

5.Share Your Story

Why are you involved? Every single person connected to this Village has a unique story. Share that narrative with your community to open the hearts of others to the mission.

Whether you share your personal story or invite others to help move the mountain of need, sharing on social media gives you the power to inspire others to pick up a shovel, too. Don’t forget to tag #gktwvillage!


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