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5 Ways to Enjoy the Park of Dreams

Summer is heating up in Central Florida and at Give Kids The World Village. Luckily, our families have a place where they can cool down and have lots of fun, too: The Park of Dreams Pool.

Here are five ways GKTW families can enjoy the Village’s Park of Dreams:

1. Swim

Nothing beats the Florida heat like a dip in the pool. Plus, there’s something special about our Park of Dreams: The pool’s zero-entry means that even those in wheelchairs can roll right in! Children of all abilities can swim, float, and cool off in the pool with their families.

2. Splash

With spraying, misting and jetting water, kids of all ages love the Splash Garden at the Park of Dreams! Hey kids, be sure to maneuver your parents under one the strategically placed soaker buckets.

3. Grab a Snack

After swimming, splashing, and playing, families can grab all kinds of snacks from Noah’s Nook. The nook is named in honor of a wonderful wish child whose family visited the Village. Noah’s dad Brad wanted the nook to be “a place to serve families like ours and hopefully provide a needed dose of joy.”

4. Take a Peek at a Pirate Ship

The Park of Dreams wouldn’t be complete without its trusty pirate ship. We’ve named her Serendipity and, at 80-feet long, she’s definitely a sight to behold. Be sure to grab a photo in front of Serendipity, but look out for pirates!

5. Dance with Pirates and Princesses

Every Friday night, GKTW hosts our Once Upon A Village Party out at the Park of Dreams. It’s a night filled with games, crafts, and lots of adventure! Plus, kids get to show off their best moves alongside some swashbuckling scalawags and dazzling princesses.



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