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6 Friends You Can Find at the Castle of Miracles

Once upon a time, a small seedling began growing in the heart of Give Kids The World Village. After lots of love and care from Mayor Clayton, that seedling grew into a magical castle: the Castle of Miracles!

Today, the Castle of Miracles holds lots of magic within its walls … and some friendly faces. Meet six of the friends you’ll find there:

1. Rusty

When you enter the Castle, you’ll be cheerfully greeted by Sir Ferrous Tinheart, but you can call him Rusty. Rusty is the Castle’s faithful guard, who watches over the Castle and welcomes in all visiting royalty.

2. Tom Foolery

Tom Foolery, our court jester, makes sure things don’t get too serious inside the Castle of Miracles. He sits up in the Castle’s gallery listening in for the funniest jokes. He’s currently working on his longest (and what he believes to be the funniest) trick – the world’s longest staring contest!

3. Father Time

The sleepiest of grandfather clocks, Father Time can be found snoozing away in the Castle all day long. He wakes up – only briefly – when the day begins and when it ends to sing the Castle awake and asleep. He can be pretty cranky when he’s woken up from his nap, so be sure not to pull on his beard.

4. Joel the Troll

Although he’s a little mischievous, Joel the Troll has a heart of gold. After a brick went missing, he volunteered to stand in – literally! Now he has the duty of holding up the Castle.

5. Buttons

Buttons the White Squirrel lives inside the Magic Pillow Tree. When it’s time for children to make their pillows, all they have to do is ring his doorbell! Buttons loves hugs, acorns, and dance parties.

6. Stellar the Star Fairy

The Castle is also home to its very own fairy: Stellar the Star Fairy. Stellar has the very important job of caring for children’s stars and placing them up in the night sky. Over 130,000 stars shine brightly in the many magical galaxies that you can see from the Castle and the Star Tower.

Our Castle friends bring magic and fun to the children who visit Give Kids The World – and so can you! Register to volunteer to help deserving children and families make lasting memories.


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