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A Look Inside our Once Upon a Village Celebration

Every Friday evening, royalty, pirates and characters of all kinds gather for a truly spectacular event: Our Once Upon a Village party! Check out some of the exciting activities families can enjoy.

Face painting

Kids can transform into swashbuckling pirates and beautiful princesses thanks to our volunteer face painters.

Dress up

Dress for the occasion! Wish families, volunteers, and staff members don their pirate costumes and prettiest princess dresses for this lively party.


Volunteers and families should come with their dancing shoes … because these pirates and princesses can turn anywhere into a dance floor.

Crafts and games

Kids can create their own treasure maps, learn to shoot archery and so much more. They’ll laugh and play – just like kids should.

Sweets of all kinds

Imagine laughing, smiling kids, in princess dresses and eyepatches … all on the sugar rush of their lives. It wouldn’t be a Village party without all kinds of treats for families to enjoy. There is hand-spun cotton candy, buttery popcorn – and kids can even decorate their own desserts!


But the best thing you’ll see at Once Upon a Village – better than pirates, cotton candy, games and dancing – are the smiles on kids’ faces. Want to create those smiles? Sign up for a volunteer shift!


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