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A Welcome Back Trip to Remember

Does anyone actually enjoy packing to move?

For wish mom Marie, cleaning house uncovered some magical memories from her son Kory’s wish trip to Give Kids The World in 2004. She discovered heartwarming photographs and souvenirs which caused memories from their trip to come flooding back. That’s when she and her family decided it was time to revisit the Village.

Soon, they weren’t just packing up their house – they werepacking their bags for a family reunion in Central Florida.

In February, Marie, husband Michael, wish kid Kory, wishsiblings Derek and Danielle – and each of their spouses and kids – arrived intwo mini vans at the gates of Give Kids The World.

“So much has changed,” said Kory. “But it also feels sofamiliar.”

Together, they explored the Village. They ate lunch and icecream, found Kory’s star in the Castle of Miracles, stopped by Amberville andthe Park of Dreams, and so much more … all the while reminiscing about theirwish trip.

“I never imagined I’d be eating lunch here with mygrandkids,” said Marie. “It’s surreal and a bit emotional. We’re just sothankful we get to come back and relive these happy memories.”

They brought with them a scrapbook filled with photos from theirwish trip as well as something else they found tucked away at Marie’s house:Barbie dolls! Lots of them. The family donated these collector items to theVillage to be given as gifts for wish kids and their siblings.

While they were giving the dolls to our gift givers atSanta’s Workshop, they saw all the other items that had been donated.

“It restores your faith in humanity,” said Derek. “To seethe results of so many people and corporations coming together for these kids.”

By coming together to make this donation, their family isgoing to bring smiles to many more wish kids like Kory.

Be sure to share yourWelcome Back stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget to usethe hashtag #GKTWVillage! Plus, if you have children’s toys or items in theiroriginal packaging, you can make an in-kind donation to Give Kids The World.See the full list of needed items here.  


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