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An Out-of-this-World Wish

In May of 2019, 13-year old wish kid Thomas arrived at Give Kids The World Village. After traveling all the way from Hertfordshire, England, he and his family were ready to enjoy a week of adventure and fun – including a special visit to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex!

“It was beyond anything I ever expected,” said Thomas.

They spent a full day at the complex, looking at an enormous Saturn V space rocket and Space Shuttle Atlantis, experiencing a 3D launch simulation and so much more.

“Thomas had made a list of things he wanted to do and see,” wrote his parents in a letter. “He managed to achieve nearly all of them!”

But the fun didn’t stop there. When Thomas returned home, he immediately began creating his own model rocket out of nearly 2,000 pieces! He believes one day he might like to build real rockets. For Thomas and so many other kids like him, a fun week can fuel passions and create new dreams.

Thanks to Kennedy Space Center and his wish-granting organization Rays of Sunshine, Thomas and his family will have memories they can cherish forever.

Kennedy Space Center is just one of the incredible Central Florida attractions that wish families can experience during their once-in-a-lifetime trip. For a full list, click here.


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