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Attention Resolution Makers! Here are 5 Ways to Stay Fit at Give Kids The World Village

If wish families want to stick to their exercise and diet resolutions during their wish trip, Give Kids The World Village makes it easy. Here are five ways parents can continue to eat healthy and maintain their workout routines during their week-long stay:

G.I. Joe Gym

For the fitness enthusiasts who don’t let a vacation interfere with their workouts, we have just what they need. Guests 18 and older can head to our G.I. Joe Gym where they’ll find state-of-the-art workout equipment and plenty of space for yoga and stretching.


Central Florida’s year-round warmth is perfect for taking a dip in our Park of Dreams or Audrey’s pools. Along with splashing and relaxing, guests can cool off and keep up with their cardio by swimming laps in either one of our expansive pools.

Healthy Meal Options

Our Gingerbread House serves up lots of healthy food options to cater to our families’ dietary needs. Thanks to our fantastic partners at Perkins and Boston Market, we offer chicken with no antibiotics, added hormones, or MSG, as well as gluten free options, salads, fresh fruits and veggies, and more. These healthy meal options keep families energized throughout their exciting trip and keep their healthy eating on track.


Between exploring the Village and making their way through Central Florida’s theme parks – wish families do a lot of walking. It’s the best kind of workout, though, because they’ll be having so much fun – they won’t even notice they’re exercising!

Have a Little Ice Cream

That’s not a typo. Give Kids The World believes ice cream is good for the soul – but it also has a few health benefits, too. It contains calcium which helps strengthen bones, gives you energy (ice cream for breakfast anyone?), and even releases serotonin – the chemical in your brain that makes you happy! A trip to the Village wouldn’t be complete without ice cream, so families shouldn’t miss out on enjoying this delicious treat.

No matter what resolutions you’ve made – or if you actually stick with them – Give Kids The World wishes you a very happy New Year filled with lots of fun, happiness and hope!


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