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Behind the Scenes with John Carrillo, a Village Designer

Just like any park or resort, the Village needs to be kept up-to-date so families can have the best experience possible – that’s where our graphic designer, John Carrillo, comes in! For 11 years, he’s worked with our corporate partners and operations team to reimagine venues and design creative visuals.

He’s created some of the beautiful elements you’ll find in Twinkle Hope’s Rockin’ Spa, Towne Hall, and Henri’s Starlite Scoops. And, he’s currently reimagining the interior at the House of Hearts! Today, we’re taking you behind-the-scenes with John to show you the inspiration for some of our beloved Village venues.

Henri’s Starlite Scoops – Pop Up

The temporary location for Henri’s Starlite Scoops definitely doesn’t look temporary thanks to John’s creativity and the hard work of our operations team. He designed the colorful and imaginative mural you’ll find there which includes cherry aliens – called cherrians – Mayor Clayton in a space suit, and more.

“I start by putting myself in the mind of a child,” said John. “I’ll ask myself ‘if I was a kid, would this make me excited?’”

You’ll soon be able to see his designs in the permanent location of Henri’s Starlite Scoops, currently under construction!

Twinkle Hope’s Rockin’ Spa

One of his big projects was opening the Village’s Rockin’ Spa. He collaborated with Hasbro to make a space for both girls and boys to enjoy airbrush tattoos, face painting, crazy hair colors, and nail painting.

“I wanted kids to come here and feel like they could be anything they want,” said John. “I used a lot of 80’s inspiration with modern touches.”

Towne Hall

“One act of kindness can cause a ripple. We see that at the Village every day, so I wanted to find ways to incorporate it into my designs.”

If families look closely at the floors of the Hoppening Place inside Towne Hall, they’ll see lines that start in the center and spiral outward. He looked at the entire room as a nature scene, with the floor as the water, the walls as the trees, and the ceiling as the sky.


John has put a lot of heart into the reimagining of the House of Hearts. This venue, which serves as the front desk and lobby for our families, is undergoing some exciting changes which will make it much more comfortable and welcoming for families.

He created stunning wall murals and picked out new furniture like a big comfy couch and table with charging ports. John wanted to make the room feel more spacious for families waiting to head out for the day.

“The Village is home and that’s what it should feel like. When families check out … they’re just leaving for a little bit.”

If you’re planning a wish trip, a welcome back visit, or a volunteer shift – be sure to keep an eye out for all the details John has created!


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