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Celebrate National Philanthropy Day

Phil·an·thro·py (noun): The love of humankind.

It’s love, compassion and generosity that keep the gates of Give Kids The World Village open. Thanks to our supporters, the children and families who have battled critical illness can have a magical place to stay, play, laugh and smile.

Take a look at some of the groups that are making a difference and find out how you can help too. 

Individual donors

It takes a lot of heart to open your wallet to support an important cause. Through the generous donations of countless individuals, wish families can make magical memories at Give Kids The World and the area’s world-class theme parks. One anonymous donor said:

“To know our money is cared for and wisely spent to ensure that most of it goes to creating the “magic” that helps a child and family take a breath for a few moments and capture a few precious memories of joy is worth every penny.”

And, Village donors can rest assured their money is being put to good use with 92 cents of every dollar going directly to the families we serve.

Corporate sponsors

Give Kids The World is so thankful for the organizations that continuously support our mission. Our theme park partners and companies like Perkins, Boston Market, Hasbro, and so many others donate financially and provide important services to our families. You can support the Village by supporting these organizations.

In-Kind donors

Material donations go a long way in keeping our costs down. Donors contribute games and toys for our gift-giving program, supplies for our nightly entertainment, administrative supplies, and miscellaneous items to keep our Village sparkling.

Fundraisers and events

Hosting or participating in events are great ways to support the mission of Give Kids The World. Companies host golf tournaments, bake sales, and more to raise money and awareness for the Village.

Plus, Give Kids The Word hosts exciting signature events that the community can participate in like Challenge for Hope, Over the Edge, and the Black & White Gala.

On this special day, we thank and honor the daily contributions individuals and organizations make to Give Kids The World Village – and to countless causes across the globe. We encourage you to join this philanthropic community and make wishes come true for children and families.



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