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Giving Teens the World, Too

Give Kids The World Village may look like something out of a child’s storybook, but don’t be fooled by its whimsical appearance, there’s fun for kids of all ages here – including teens!

Every night, the Village hosts nightly events so teens ages 13-17 can hang out with new friends, play pool, video games, laser tag and more. Here are some of the exciting activities teens can enjoy while they’re here:

Games galore in Amberville

Amberville is a teen’s paradise. There, they can play the latest Wii and XBOX 360 games, billiards, air hockey, vintage video games and even bowl.


Teens can safely learn to shoot a bow and arrow on select evenings at the Village. Donated by Global Archery, the archery sets even feature soft tip arrows so teens can play archery tag – an exciting game similar to paintball, except with a bow and arrow.

Laser Tag

Besides exciting rollercoasters and attractions, nothing gets teens’ adrenaline pumping like a game of laser tag. This event takes place on select nights in the Hoppening Place.

The Park of Dreams Pool and Splash Garden

And, if your teen is more of the kick-back-and-relax type, the Park of Dreams pool is a perfect spot for them. They can soak up the sun, go for a swim, and – when they get hungry – they can even grab a snack at Noah’s Nook.

The Village is also a great place for teens to volunteer. Whether they need school credit, or they’re just looking to make a difference and make some memories, they can apply to be a volunteer here.


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