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Village Alumni To GKTW Intern

Our volunteers and Give Kids The World team members work hard to create magic for children and families visiting the Village. But there is another group you might not think about: our GKTW interns!

Every season we welcome a talented group of young adults. They’re exploring different career and educational paths but they have one thing in common: They want hands-on experience in the hospitality industry and to bring smiles to families who need it the most.

For one intern, this experience has truly brought her “full circle” since she visited as a wish child in 2001.

Intern Kiana assists our entertainment team as one of our Stargazer interns, which means she helps children and families find their special golden stars in the Castle of Miracles. Every day she gets to walk underneath the star that Stellar the Star Fairy placed for her during her wish trip.

“When I meet children who are here on their wish trip, I just think ‘Wow, that used to be me,’’’ says Kiana.

Kiana remembers eating ice cream, exploring the theme parks with her family, and how special she felt during her trip to Give Kids The World. Since then, she graduated high school, played college basketball, and moved to Florida, along with many other achievements.

“I love sharing my story with wish parents,” said Kiana. “A lot of them worry their children might not go on to lead a normal life, but many of them can and will, and I’m living proof of that.”

We’re so grateful for our interns who bring happiness and hope to the families who visit, and we can’t wait to see their careers take off.

Know someone looking for an internship? Click here to keep an eye out for open positions at Give Kids The World!


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