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Going Green: GKTW Awarded Green Certification

Did you know Give Kids The World is the only green certified nonprofit resort in Florida? Our “three palm certification” designation awarded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is a title we take pride in!

The Village has 166 villas, administrative offices, event venues, attractions, and more. Operating it is a ’round the clock operation, which requires energy consumption and the use of natural resources.

We know that little changes like switching to LED energy-saving lightbulbs and low flow faucets can go a long way. The big things, like establishing recycling programs, matter too. That’s why we formed a Green Team to lead and uphold our promise to the environment!

“In just technology products alone, we’ve recycled 28,209 pounds of material since 2009,” says Village IT analyst and Green Team member Michael Tall. “Green initiatives take commitment from the entire team. We’re constantly working to educate our staff on proper recycling and resource conservation.”

Whether you share this blog to make others aware, or swap out your light bulbs for LED’s, we challenge you to do something to celebrate Earth Day today and every day.


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