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Halloween Party Brings Hare-Raising Fun for Wish Families

When children and families come to Give Kids The World Village on Monday nights, their eyes grow wide as they look around at the costumes, candy and decorations.  Our Hare-Raising Halloween Party gives kids and families the chance to celebrate this fun holiday no matter what time of year they visit.

For many guests, Halloweens have been spent inside their house or in hospital rooms as they battle the effects of their illness. That’s why this celebration is so special – it gives them a chance to enjoy Halloween like any other kid. They get to experience the costumes, candy, and fun that they missed out on.

Our children and families aren’t the only ones who enjoy this exciting and spooky party. Our volunteers and staff love making this party come to life each week and leave inspired by the laughter and smiles of visiting wish kids.

“Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and we are so lucky to be able to celebrate it every Monday,” said Justin, an entertainment lead at Give Kids The World. “I mean, who doesn’t love playing dress up and eating too much candy?”

Justin (center) with volunteer Tyler and entertainment coordinator Brittany.

Justin often hosts the Halloween party, welcoming all the “boys and gouls” and leading the evening’s activities. Justin, our entertainment team, and our dedicated volunteers keep the Halloween fun going throughout the party. They fill trick-or-treat bags with candy, paint faces, play games and do crafts with the kids.

“My favorite part about volunteering for the Halloween party is the energy and the excitement of the kids and parents alike,” said longtime volunteer Diane, better known to the Village as Mama Bear. “Papa Bear and I love to wear our costumes, greet the families at the door and hand them their trick-or-treat bags!”

For both our staff and volunteers, making this spooktacular evening possible is part of what makes being a part of the Village family so rewarding. You can be a part of creating magic for children and families by volunteering, click here to learn more.


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