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Instagram-Worthy Walls at Give Kids The World Village

The latest Instagram trend has made its way to the Village: Photo walls! Whether you’re planning your wish trip or coming in for a volunteer shift, you can brighten up your social media by posing in front of these vibrant walls:

Julie’s Safari Walls

The lush greenery and colorful jungle animals of Julie’s Safari Theater make the perfect backdrop for a photo. Show off your adventurous side and pose in front of any of the walls on this tropical venue.

Rainbow Wall

Mathew’s Boundless Playground is home to the world’s largest game of CANDYLAND, so naturally it’s filled with color. If you cross under the jungle gym, you’ll find the Village’s signature rainbow wall.

Banyan Park Mural

The lobby of Banyan Park boasts two-story floor-to-ceiling murals with beautiful colors and stunning images of iconic Village venues. It was created by Splashes of Hope, a nonprofit that brightens hospitals, healthcare centers, and social service facilities with hand-painted murals.

Birthday Cake Wall

Whether you’re heading into Towne Hall to take pictures with your favorite characters, attend a nightly party, or grab a meal in the Gingerbread House, you’ll pass right by our birthday cake wall along the outside! Stop for a photo … or two or three.

Bob’s Sparkleberry Fence

Immerse yourself in nature on Bob’s Sparkleberry Trail. This quiet trail begins along a bright, colorful fence, and you can even say hello to Mayor Clayton while you’re there! You’ll find the entrance to the trail right behind the Park of Dreams pool.

Under-the-Sea Wall

Before you head into the Park of Dreams to soak up the sun, snap a picture in front of this ocean scene! Found inside Brooks’ Surf Shack, this under-the-sea wall will shorely make a splash on your social media.

Holiday Wall

Holidays are a big deal at Give Kids The World Village. So much so, that we dedicated an entire mural to the holidays throughout the year on the Avenue! Find your favorite holiday and pose for a picture in front of the adorable characters.

Share your wall photos with us on Instagram by using #gktwvillage. We can’t wait to see all the wall-to-wall fun!


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