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Lake’s Star Starts a New Galaxy: One Wish Mom’s Story

Editor’s note: With the opening of our new Star Observatory, wish children’s stars glitter in all new galaxies. The Observatory’s first star belongs to a wish child named Lake, and in today’s blog, mom Arden describes the experience of seeing Lake’s twinkling star and how the family’s visit to the Village has touched their lives.

Lake’s wish trip gave us family time and the chance to focus on her, which is not always easy in our big family. She wanted to see super heroes, ride rides, see all of the characters, and have fun! Lake knew that through all of her medical hardships that this was about celebrating her journey and her life.

Just a few weeks before our trip, I mentioned to a friend that we wouldn’t be able to afford a trip to Walt Disney World™ Resort because we are a family of seven. I was shocked and excited to tell the family when we found out her wish could be granted!

When we entered the Castle of Miracles at Give Kids The World Village, I became quite emotional as I walked around and looked at the thousands of stars. I know many of those stars belong to children who are no longer with us, and that they each represent a suffering, but happy child.

As Lake was decorating her star, I felt such peace and joy. It was so meaningful to see her write her name and watch Stellar the Star Fairy take the star. The kiddos all loved being a part of Lake’s special moment, and we were all eager to see where Stellar would place her star.

Seeing Lake’s star in the new Star Observatory was bittersweet and very touching. Bittersweet because these stars are about these children who have endured so much pain but are at the Village to celebrate their precious and beautiful lives.

Finding Lake’s star in the new Observatory was very moving, I had lots of tears flowing as Stellar pointed out her special star in a new galaxy. The Observatory even had the perfect music to make it even more magical! It was one of my top moments from our entire trip. If we ever go back, we know her star will be surrounded by so many new stars, and it will be another meaningful moment.

The Village, its amazing volunteers, and event schedules keep families happy, taken care of and continuously having fun. I am pretty sure our children rode the Enchanted Carousel 37 times!

We enjoyed going to the parks and coming home to a comfortable home with nourishing food and more things to do. Most importantly, we really loved being able to focus on our children; to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and work and give our children the best week of their childhood. I think A Wish with Wings and Give Kids The World did just that!

Our family is so grateful that we were able to take Lake on the trip of her life, to celebrate her strength, her spirit, and her beautiful heart journey. We were able to focus on making memories, and discover all of the fun that was sprinkled throughout our stay. I am so glad that Give Kids The World was able to build a place where future wish children’s stars could shine forever.

Arden is mother of five beautiful children and photographer in Fort Worth, Texas. She and her family visited the Village in April for Lake’s Wish Trip thanks to the helping hands of A Wish With Wings. Arden enjoys going out to eat with her husband, enjoying great music, laughter, and good conversation. You can check out her photography by clicking here.


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