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Letter from Santa

Dear Friends,

It’s our busiest time of year at the North Pole. We’re less than three weeks away from Christmas, so my elves and I are working extra hours to double-check the list, make sure every bow is tied, and every gift is accounted for. But no matter how busy our workshop gets, Mrs. Claus and I always make time to visit the children at Give Kids The World Village on Thursday nights.

You see, I’ve visited them in hospitals and at home while they’re sick in bed, but to see them happy and celebrating – well, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’ve been flying down to the Village for 13 years, in fact, they told me I’ve logged more than 300 volunteer hours! Each time, I leave the Village even jollier than I arrived.

Every Thursday night, the kids tell me what they want for Christmas, we throw the football, and take pictures. We even enjoy exciting reindeer games! In those moments, I get to help them forget they’re sick. How could I not keep coming back?

After everything these children have been through and the holidays they’ve missed, they deserve the chance to celebrate. So, I’ll keep my sleigh at the ready every Thursday to make my way to Give Kids The World Village and their Winter Wonderland party.



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