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Once Upon a Village…


Once upon a time … begins at Give Kids The World Village.

It’s a magical place where a 6-foot rabbit serves as mayor, children have ice cream for breakfast, and surprises wait around every corner. It’s colorful and silly and big as life.

The Village is a refuge – a retreat – where wishes come true for critically-ill children and their families. They stay in storybook villas, play in the world’s greatest theme parks, and celebrate Halloween and Christmas every week. For six amazing days, there are no hospital visits or doctor appointments. Just laughter, fun, and time spent together.

The Village shimmers with stories of hope and kindness, and we want to share them with you on this, our new “Once Upon a Village” blog. You’ll learn about courageous kids, selfless volunteers, and exciting GKTW events. “Once Upon a Village” is your passport to Give Kids The World – an invitation to the wonder and magic that happens here every day.

So, join us on our journey and become part of our family. Together, we can make children’s dreams come true.

If you’d like to share any Village stories, we would love to hear them. Email your story ideas to


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