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Relaxing at Give Kids The World: An Adult’s Guide to Your Child’s Wish Trip

At Give Kids The World Village, the kids are the stars of the show. They get a week to laugh, play and just have fun without worrying about their illness. This trip is also about the entire family – that means you too wish parents!

With this quick guide, we’re here to help parents make the most of their weeklong trip. Check it out:

Pre-arrival videos

There’s so much to see and do at Give Kids The World Village that it may seem overwhelming at first. These video guides will take out all the guesswork and help you prepare for your trip! You’ll have a detailed guide to help you pack, give you a preview of our entertainment and accommodations, and more!

Village Vacation Planners

Setting up a weeklong theme park itinerary isn’t a one-person job, so our Village Vacation Planners and Itinerary Coordinators are here to help! With tickets to Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and Universal Orlando Resort included in your stay, your trip is going to be full of nonstop fun – and they’ll help set up the perfect itinerary to fit your family’s needs. They’ll give you a call before your trip!

Theme park quiet rooms and sensory guides

Photo credit: Chip & Co

The theme parks are full of so many exciting sights and sounds that sometimes you just need a quiet place to relax. Our theme park partners have done an incredible job creating spaces for families to cool down and enjoy some quiet time.

Walt Disney World Resort: In this digital guide, you can find lots of information – including a list of quiet spots at each of their parks. And, at Magic Kingdom, you can find the Wish Lounge within the first aid room. With plenty of seating and ice cold water, this exclusive room is a great place for wish families to take a break.

SeaWorld Orlando: As a certified Autism center, SeaWorld Orlando provides plenty of resources and specialized services for those with autism and special needs. This sensory guide is a great resource that can help you find quiet rooms, choose attractions, and more.

The Park of Dreams

Kick back and soak up the Florida sun. The Park of Dreams pool at Give Kids The World is an oasis for kids and parents alike. Spend a day listening to the sounds of splashing, flowing water, tropical music and – the most wonderful sound in the world – your child’s laughter. Plus, there’s no need to go too far when hunger strikes – just grab a snack or drink at Noah’s Nook!

Villas with the comforts of home

During your family’s wish trip, the Village is your home-away-from-home. That means your villa has everything you need to relax after a fun day at the theme parks. Whether you need to do a load of laundry or you’d like some snacks and drinks, all of our 166 villas come ready for you to relax in. And, if there’s anything you’re missing, we’re happy to help provide specific items and can direct you to the nearest grocery or drugstore.

Village Volunteers

After everything you do for your family, it’s time someone took care of you! Our volunteers are here to serve you food, carry your trays, take your pictures, and open your doors. All you have to focus on is spending precious time with your family.

And, one final tip: Even though your trip focuses on your wish kid, this week is for parents, too. Take a breath, take it in, and remember to pat yourself on the back for all the love and care you give to your family.


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