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Rockin’ Transformations: How Transforming a Look Can Transform Your Life

Twinkle Hope’s Rockin’ Spa is a highlight for many wish families visiting Give Kids The World Village. Whether you are looking for a new hair color, a fresh manicure or a Village-themed airbrush tattoo the spa is the place to go! Wish mom Stephanie shared that the spa is “totally rockin!!! The day we left we made sure to make time to have their hair and tattoos redone for the plane ride home. My daughter wouldn’t let me wash her hair before she could show her friends at school. Some amazing people working in there too!!”

One of those amazing people working in our spa is longtime volunteer, Lori. She volunteers her time and her talents to the spa as the creator of some extra special bows. “I learned how to make all kinds of bows and the kids would get to take it with them as a treasured memento of their trip, a reminder of their time in the spa.” Lori believes it is her purpose in life to be part of someone’s wish. As a cancer survivor herself, she believes whenever she is having a bad day that the moment she arrives at the Village, parks and steps foot on the Avenue everything gets put in perspective.

A firm believer that knowledge is only good when it’s shared, Lori loves helping other volunteers find ways to get creative at the spa. Her favorite people to share her vast knowledge of a good makeover with are the families. “If a family loves how they feel at the spa, I want them to be able to go home and feel that way again!” Lori believes the Village has transformed her life, and the spa is her “home.” She truly loves it there.

As the New Year approaches, we encourage you to sign up for a volunteer shift at Twinkle Hope’s Rockin’ Spa. Whether you’re a transformation assistant like Lori or a concierge that welcomes families and makes appointments, you are making magic. You never know how transforming a look can transform your life.


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