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SeaWorld’s Whale Trainers Make a Splash at GKTW

Every Wednesday, children and families can enjoy an interactive experience with whale trainers from SeaWorld Orlando – right from the Village’s Peppermint Table Room.

During “Live from Shamu Stadium,” kids and parents can learn all about killer whales, ask the trainers questions, and even participate in interactions with the whales through Skype.

The program was started by Joe Sanchez, a SeaWorld Orlando whale trainer who has hosted calls and education sessions in schools all over the world.

“At the Village, families’ schedules are jam-packed,” said Joe. “So, we wanted to bring the whales to them. It’s so much fun and gives the kids the chance to connect with these inspiring animals.”

Whale trainer Morgan Ricke frequently hosts these weekly Skype calls and, until August, had seen the Village only through a screen. Then she visited during the Hearts of Reality celebration. For the first time, she witnessed the impact of SeaWorld’s partnership.

“The Village was beyond anything I could have imagined,” Morgan said. “Through Skype and the photos I’ve seen, I pictured what it looked like, but you really have to see it in person.”

Some of the families she interacts with through Skype visit SeaWorld during their stay, and she gets to meet them in person. But this time she was able to meet families at the Village!

“I had hosted the Skype call right before the event. So when I was at the Village, kids would ask ‘were you the one on TV playing with Shamu?”

Thanks to these dedicated whale trainers and SeaWorld Orlando, our children and families are able to learn all about the ocean’s creatures and have a fun time, too!


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