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Village Team Member and Former Wish Kid: I Want “To Make an Impact on As Many Families As I Can”

Editor’s note: Some Give Kids The World team members are former wish kids themselves. In today’s guest blog, Travis Bolt – a wish child in 1984 and current Village staff member – describes how his experience prepared him to be part of GKTW.

In 1984, I was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) and started treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. My mom came to me and asked, “If you could do anything or meet anyone in the world, what would you want to do?”

As any 6-year-old in the 80s would have said, I told her, “I want to meet the A-Team.”

The next thing I know, we are off on a trip to sunny California straight to the set where the show was filming. I met the entire cast and crew, plus I went to dinner and stepped inside a boxing ring with my favorite member of the A-Team: Mr. T!

Around five years later, after many treatments, the world’s greatest doctors, and a lot of faith, I was diagnosed as being in remission. Although it was 30 years ago, I will never forget that experience and the joy it brought me as a kid.

Since then, I have been very fortunate with my health and am grateful I can help out where I can. When a position opened up at the Village, I thought, “What better way to give back than to work for a place that makes a difference for children like me?”

My goal is to continue to grow here within the Village and try to make an impact on as many families as I can. I can say I am living proof of how happiness and hope can help a child endure. The mission here at Give Kids The World is an inspiring one, and I am truly humbled to be a part of it.

Travis Bolt has been involved at the Village for many years, volunteering his time and efforts during our Hearts of Reality event. He now works as an Inventory Dispatch Coordinator, monitoring all tools, keys, radios, and amenities that are included in the Villas.



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