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Volunteer Spotlight: Richard Streby Keeps the Village Chugging Along

If you’ve ever hopped on board Brayden’s Express at Give Kids The World Village, chances are you’ve met volunteer Richard Streby. He could often be found driving the little orange train, taking wish families all over the Village.

He’s been a volunteer for over seven years, filling a number of different shifts but spending most of his time behind the wheel of Brayden’s Express.

“I’ve enjoyed it so much,” said Richard. “It makes a big difference when you enjoy your work – that’s why I like to volunteer!”

Last month, he retired from driving the train to fill other shifts around the Village.

Fellow volunteers and staff from all departments hopped on board Brayden’s Express for Richard’s last lap around the Village. As the train left Towne Hall, they clapped and cheered and shared some of their favorite memories of Richard.

“He’s such a hoot,” said Shannon Ryan, assistant manager of Volunteer Services. “He’s always making us laugh and is such a dedicated volunteer to the Village. He wants to help out however he can.”

 “He has such a great sense of humor and he’s so great with the kids,” said volunteer Barbara, who frequently operated Brayden’s Express with Richard.

The show of support made it clear that Richard has touched the lives of so many Village volunteers and staff members. We’re so thankful for volunteers like him who keep the Village smiling, laughing and chugging along.


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