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Wish Sibling Art Wins the Medal

Six years ago, wish sibling Madzy came to Give Kids The World Village for her sister Anika’s wish trip. They sang in Village Idol, had their nails painted, and made many more memories they carry with them today.

For Madzy, the best way to display those memories was through art. And this year, her beautiful artwork will be featured on the medal for our Challenge for Hope 5K!

“Our trip came at a time when I often felt left out because of Anika’s appointments or hospital stays,” said Madzy. “When we were at GKTW though, I felt as included as Anika. My brother and I also got gifts and were able to experience everything the Village had to offer with Anika.”

Madzy’s drawing shows the Castle of Miracles, with the words “Where happiness inspires hope.” At Challenge for Hope, each participant will receive one of Madzy’s beautifully drawn medals.

By fundraising for the Challenge for Hope, participants help create memories, happiness and hope for families like Madzy’s. Just take it from Madzy’s mom, Krista:

“There was an air of freedom during our entire visit, we were free from fear, anxiety and strain for a whole week – it’s almost indescribable how wonderful that was for us.”

Haven’t signed up for the Challenge for Hope? It’s not too late! Click here to register, donate, or sign up to be a Virtual Challenger.


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