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Wish Kid Lyla Laces up Her Running Shoes

At Give Kids The World, you’ll find kids running through the splash pad, running into the arms of a 6-foot tall rabbit, and running off to their exciting days in the theme parks.

But for one wish child, running required courage and determination.

In 2013, wish kid Lyla visited Give Kids The World. Because she had braces on both legs and was battling the effects of chemotherapy, even walking long distances was tough for her. But that didn’t stop her from having a great time at the Village.

Fast-forward from 2013 to April of 2018, when Lyla wasn’t just walking but running – and running for a great cause!

She and her mom Emily returned to the Village and joined Run GKTW to race in the Star Wars Dark Side 5K.

“I’ve always wanted to run a 5K with my mom,” wrote Lyla on their #TeamGKTW page. “She is always going to runDisney races without me, but this time we’re doing it together! I can’t wait!”

Lyla and Emily made videos to encourage their supporters and raised more than $1,500 for Give Kids The World, landing them the coveted spot of top fundraiser.

“Lyla got to relive the experience at the Village and was able to cross running a 5K off her list of goals,” said Emily. “Even though it was extremely hard for her, she made it and got to celebrate like every other person.”

Now, you can put your sneakers to the pavement to benefit more courageous kids like Lyla. Join Team GKTW and register for runDisney races, including the STAR WARS Rival Run Weekend on April 4–7, 2019.


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