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Congrats Graduating Wish Kids!

Over the past few weeks we have watched thousands of graduates celebrate one of the biggest milestones of their life virtually. Today we celebrate all the graduating wish kids who have called Give Kids The World home. And while 2020 has brought challenges, we know these kids and their families have battled through more than most ever will. So join us by sharing on social media and congratulating our brave wish kids. We are so proud of you!

Grant L.

Crandall University (Moncton, NB Canada) (Bachelor of Business Administration). 

Plans to work full time in a business-related career  

Grant visited Give Kids The World in 2008 on his wish to go to Walt Disney World. His favorite part about the Village was the kindness and generosity of the staff and volunteers – and the storybook magic of the whole village.  

“While waiting for your wish trip, just remember to start having fun and look for the joys and celebrate the special moments every day. The Give Kids The World family will be so excited to see you when you finally get to have your wish trip.” 

Sabina P.

Rhode Island College  

Plans to complete a Masters of Business program.  

Sabina visited the Village on her wish to swim with dolphins. She enjoyed the Ice Cream Palace and her star experience most.  

“What would I want to share with our readers about how to live life? Don’t let fear stop you from trying new things and exploring new exciting places!” 

Brianna A. 

BSN, Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ 

Brianna plans to pursue a career as registered nurse. 

Brianna visited Give Kids The World in 2010. Her interest in nursing stems from her experience with several chronic illnesses. When Brianna became ill at age 10, she learned life doesn’t always go as planned and that there will be obstacles along the way. She believes that if those obstacles are impossible to overcome, it is time for a new plan.  

She and her brothers loved returning to their villa to find what surprises were left while they were away. She also enjoyed ice cream for breakfast and decorating the gingerbread houses during Christmas.  

Dion S. 

Clusius College in Castricum. 

Plans to become an International Manager Hospitality, Food and Beverage 

Dion visited Give Kids The World in November 2018 on his wish to experience Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort. His favorite part about the Village was ice cream and milk shakes in the morning (pictured above). 

Abigail G. 

Herron High School, Indiana  

Attending IUPUI to major in policy studies  

Abigail visited GKTW in 2007 for her wish to go to Walt Disney World. To this day her favorite part of the Village is how magical everything is – from every fairytale building to all the amazing events held daily.  

“As someone who has battled so much, the advice I would give is to appreciate every little good thing. Not every day is a good one but try to find at least one thing to be grateful for, and you’ll make it through the hard times.” 

Olivia H.

Beech High School, Hendersonville,

Plans to attend college to be an Ultrasound Tech.

Olivia stayed at Give Kids The World in 2019 on her wish to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. Her favorite part of the Village was, “how nice the staff and volunteers treated not only me, but my entire family!” 

“I try to take life day by day and step by step. There is no point in wasting my life away worrying about things I cannot control. Just live!” 

Brighton R.

Prince of Wales School in Thorold Ontario Canada 

Plans to attend Thorold Secondary High School.

Brighton visited Give Kids the World in December of 2013 and he loved everything about it! He firmly believes you should always be yourself; don’t change for anybody. 

“Going to Give Kids the World is worth the wait! It was my dream come true.” 

Megan F.

Saydel High School, Iowa 

Plans to attend Truman State University and major in political science and women’s studies.

 Megan visited Give Kids The World in 2015 and enjoyed being able to experience a once in a lifetime trip with my family. 
Megan was diagnosed with leukemia in February 2014 and in June of 2014 received a sibling matched bone marrow transplant. 

Never give up and always keep fighting. Try not to get too bogged down by the bad in life and try and find a reason to laugh every day.” 

Courteney B.  

North Royalton High School in Ohio 

Plans to go to the county vocational school to work on her post-high school transition goals.

Courteney visited Give Kids The World in 2006 on her wish to spend a week at the Village and go to Walt Disney World – her favorite place on earth. Her favorite part of the Village was riding the Enchanted Carousel. At the time, it was the only ride her wheelchair could go on. 

As someone who has battled through so much, Courtney’s dad says she would want to say, “live life to the fullest with joy and perseverance!” 

Colby M.

Starpoint Central High School, Lockport NY 

Plans to study Crime Scene Investigation at Hilbert College.

Colby visited Give Kids The World in 2009 on his wish to go to Walt Disney World. His favorite part about staying at the Village was being treated like he was just like every other kid. And of course, the unlimited ice cream. 

“I learned to let go of the things that are out of my control when I realized the only thing I could control was my own mindset and actions. Try to tune out the doubters. That one isn’t always easy. Live every day to its fullest with no regrets. Always stretch yourself and keep reaching. You may be surprised by what you can do that you never thought was possible. If you can do that, you can’t help but be happy with what you accomplish. Remember what Walt Disney said, ‘It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.’” 

Abigail R.

Linden Community Schools, MI 

Plans to attend Mott Community College. 

Abigail visited Give Kids The World in 2011 on her wish to go to Walt Disney World. Her favorite part of the Village was eating ice cream for breakfast and getting to spend time with her mom and big brother. 

“Always look on the bright side. No matter how hard life gets there is always a bright side to everything.” 

Julian D.  

Mill River Union High School, VT 

Julian visited Give Kids The World on his wish to go to Walt Disney World in 2012. His favorite part about his trip was that the Village helped him to have a great experience not only at Give Kids The World, but at Disney and the other theme parks, too.  

“My message to the kids whose wishes are postponed is that it’ll come. I know you’ll have a good time!” 

Lucas P. 

Madisonville North Hopkins High School, KY 

Plans to attend college in the fall. 

Lucas visited Give Kids The World in 2009 on his wish to ride the Lillie Belle train with Mickey Mouse. Given his love of trains, his favorite part about Give Kids The World was the trains. He added, “I remember having Mayor Clayton come in and tuck me in one night. Oh yes, the ice cream was amazing.” 

“My mom has always told me in life, whatever you face, it can defeat you or define you. This battle has made me a stronger person. I appreciate life and all it offers. I never want to take anything for granted.”   

Katelyn W.  

Warhill High School, Virginia  

Attending Mount St. Mary’s University to study nursing. 

Katelyn visited Give Kids The World in 2010 on her wish to go to Walt Disney World. Her favorite part about the Village was riding the Enchanted Carousel.  

“As someone who faces a chronic illness and many health problems, I want to say that there are no limits on what you can do with your life, your life is an occasion so rise to it.” 

Hunter C.  

Mechanicville High School, NY 

Plans to study broadcast journalism after graduation. 

Hunter Visited Give Kids The World in 2007 on his wish to meet Mickey Mouse. His favorite part about the Village was unlimited ice cream, the Enchanted Carousel, and Mayor Clayton . 

“Live the best life you can and don’t let your diagnosis define you.” 

Brooklyn S. 

Dora High School, Alabama 

Plans to continue to give back to her community by serving and volunteering any way she can.

Brooklyn visited Give Kids The World in 2009 on her wish to go to Walt Disney World. Her favorite part of the Village was being able to spend time with her family at a wonderful, magical place. “The ice cream everyday was definitely a highlight. I saw a sloth and even got to touch it. Everyone smiled at me and seemed happy to see me. It felt like I was a part of one big family.” 

“Live your life with no boundaries. You can do whatever you put your mind to. Don’t let doubt and fear keep you from soaring.” 

Mary T.

Kennett High School, graduating as a 15-year cancer survivor, Senior Class President and National Honor Society member

Committed to Pole Vault at Monmouth University. She plans on becoming a Nurse to help other children battling cancer.

Mary visited Give Kids The World on wish wish trip to meet Ariel at Walt Disney World. Mary’s mom share that the Village was so magical they didn’t want to leave to go to the parks. They loved playing mini golf, riding the carousel and train, shows, characters, pool, ice cream, and bedtime surprises. This vacation helped bring hope and magic after a year of chemotherapy and 3 major kidney surgeries.

“Never let your past define your future! Always remember that your story is beautiful and your strength is unmatched.”

Bethany C.

St. Thomas Aquinas High School

Plans to attend Middlesex County College majoring in Business.

Bethany visit Give Kids The World in 2010 on her wish to go to Walt Disney World. Her favorite part about the Village was everything! She says it was a magical place.

“Always live life to the fullest and never take anything for granted. Always do what will make you the happiest version of yourself”

Rylee H. 

Sgt. Domenic Pilla Middle School, NJ 

Plans to attend VHS and play on the school’s football team for all 4 years.

Rylee visited Give Kids The World in 2013 on her Walt Disney World wish. Her favorite part about the Village is ice cream for breakfast! 

“My mom says I can do anything I want to do; I may have to try harder, it may take longer and it might not look the same as other people, but I am never told no and I never give up.” 

Kasper H. 

Graduating Kindergarten 

Kasper visited Give Kids The World in 2019 and his favorite part about his trip was eating ice cream all day. 

Kasper has a message for kids waiting for their wish: “It is worth the wait! You will have the time of your life.” 


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